Meet our dynamic and enthusiastic team members from TPS.

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Miss Kirsten Lightfoot

Titles: Headteacher, SEN (Temp)

Mrs. Sarah-Jane Keevil

Titles: Year 5 Teacher, Key Stage 2, Science Co-ordinator

Ms. Claire Chabateni

Titles: Nursery Teacher, Lower School Co-ordinator

Mrs. Estella M'hango

Titles: Reception Teacher, School Co-ordinator

Ms. Bwalya Mfula

Titles: Year 1 Teacher, Outreach & PHSE Co-ordinator

Mrs. Lauren Goatley

Titles: Year 2 Teacher, Eco & Class Dojo Co-ordinator

Ms. Kandese Saviye

Titles: Year 3 Teacher, Literacy Co-ordinator

Mr. Juven Manyungu

Titles: Year 4 Teacher, ICT Co-ordinator

Mr. Jason Manuel-Morgan

Titles: Year 6 Teacher, Maths Co-ordinator

Mr. Nkumbu Chonya

Titles: PE Teacher, ECA Co-ordinator
1 2 > showing 1 - 10 of 19 constituents