Early years : Foundation stage

In the Early Years we provide a safe and nurturing setting where everyone is encouraged to be unique, respectful and reach their full potential. The Early Years are vitally important and we aim to develop a sense of wonder and growing independence in every child.

Our enquiry led, play based curriculum provides children with the opportunity to take risks, inquire and be creative, developing their skills and applying these across the curriculum. We encourage children to be independent and to work together to become lifelong learners. We teach them about their responsibilities to the community and the importance of caring for their environment, its inhabitants and resources. As soon as children are ready to start more formal learning they follow a programme designed to develop their literacy and numeracy skills to ensure they are fully prepared for Key Stage One.

Your child will be assessed regularly using a combination of informal and formal observations and the EYFS criteria to measure their progress. These assessments will be ongoing or continuous throughout this phase of their education and will be recorded by the class teachers.


In the Primary Years, children have one main class teacher, but have specialist teachers for Music, Art, French and Physical Education and these teachers augment the learning in these subject areas.

We follow the Cambridge Curriculum for English, Maths and Science, and use a thematic, topic based approach for the teaching of Humanities. We link our literacy, science and numeracy, wherever possible to our topics. We believe that we are in a unique position, as we tailor our own curriculum to suit our Zambian setting. Our aim is that this curriculum will enable our pupils to relate to the world around them through showing independence, empathy to others and a positive ethos to learning and fulfilling their potential.